COVID-19 Updates

Chelsea Park is a seniors’ supportive housing community that provides two home-cooked meals daily, weekly housekeeping services, an emergency response system, social activities, and flat linen laundry service. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic we have added daily sanitation protocols throughout the building on regularly touched items such as handrails, elevator buttons, and door knobs. We have re-arranged our dining room, and expanded the dining space to increase the space between residents. Only 3 people at a time are allowed into the elevator and we have closed our Amenity Rooms to gatherings. Also we have postponed all recreational and social events in the building and have instead alternated to some fun but independent games like “best drawing wins a prize” contest.



In an effort to practice Social Distancing during the Coronavirus Pandemic,
the Amenity Room is closed
until further notice.
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!




When approaching Team Members & other residents, please
Practice Social Distancing and stay at least 6 feet apart.

Thank you for your cooperation!


New Chelsea Society staff is not able to provide any health advice to any of the residents. However, residents do have their Emergency Call Pendants and if they feel at all ill, they can use the pendant to alert staff who will respond as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about the Covid-19 virus please check out the government website as it has all the latest news and information regarding this pandemic. All information and instructions followed by our staff members have been taken from the website and we follow all the latest guidelines and rules to best fight this virus.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their efforts in adhering to the rules. We understand that this is a stressful time. We assure you that all the health and safety policies, procedures and protocols that have been put in place are necessary, and in everyone’s best interests in order to keep us all safe and healthy.

Thank you for your cooperation and your continuous efforts.


A “Feel Good Moment” outside of Chelsea Park on a Friday evening. As a gesture of deep gratitude to our Health Care workers and our own Chelsea Park staff, Derek Davidson (the Society’s Director of Resident Services & Community Development) paraded around the building playing his bagpipes. His performance concluded with “Amazing Grace” – a tribute to our dearly departed Donald Stewart, Veteran of WW2, who lived at Chelsea Park for many years, turned 100 years young last November, but sadly quietly passed away in late March.

Thank you Derek and to all those at Chelsea Park who helped to organize this memorable outdoor event. During this stressful time, thank you for bringing a little music and joy to our residents in isolation (many of whom watched from their balconies).

We are enormously grateful for the caring, kindness and generosity that has been received in our community, particularly at our seniors’ residence at Chelsea Park.